Oct 172014

New Subscriptions Open AgainWe have been approved by Clickbank and will begin again selling subscriptions. New subscriptions will now cost $10 monthly, but will allow more people access to all that we have to offer by allowing outside websites to send traffic this way.

Note: All current subscribers will continue to keep their subscription at the reduced rate until canceled.

Moneyback Guarantee – More Payment Options

Forums are up now, for all VIP members – Share and collaborate safely

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Nov 272014

World of Warcraft has changed and so has the Death Knight. This Death Knight Class Guide for World of Warcraft will go over all the important changes made to the Death Knight, including everything which has changed since Warlords of Draenor has been released. Continue reading »

Nov 262014

Archeage APEX Dupe ExploitA while back, there was an Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit, which would allow you to use one, and still keep one on your account. It seems that the Archeage APEX Dupe Exploitt might be back after the recent patch. However this exploit is unconfirmed and needs some testing from our VIP members. Continue reading »

Nov 242014

I have been using a technique to Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends. Rapidly Add MyVegas Friends - No FaceBook Jail That is, to invite upwards of 50 people to become friends, a day. I have found a trick, which will allow me to stay out of Facebook Jail – which is what happens when people start saying they don’t know you. Facebook then puts a block on your friendship requests. In fact, it takes as little as 5 people to report you, and then you won’t be able to invite ANYONE for 30 days. Continue reading »

Nov 222014

Rift Loyalty TrickI bet you don’t know the Rift Loyalty Trick! The Rift Loyalty Trick will give you extra Loyalty, if you are a Patron. If you aren’t a patron, then this trick isn’t going to work for you. But if you are… well we’re going to have a bit of fun as you can get up to double the amount of Loyalty you get each day, using a simple trick.

Ok, the first thing you need to do, in order to use the Rift Loyalty Trick, is to understand how to switch to the EU or US servers, whichever one you aren’t normally on. This is fairly easy, but you switch, after you have logged onto Glyph, but before you enter the game (Click on image to right to enlarge).

Note: If you do not have enough Plat to buy REX to turn into Credits, you can purchase Rift Platinum cheaper then on the official site from a Rift Platinum Seller. This will make it cheaper and easier to get Rift Patron status, so you can use this Rift Loyalty Trick. Continue reading »

Nov 212014

This Warlords of Draenor guide,Warlords of Draenor Guide isn’t so much a leveling guide, but a change guide. What changed, how did it change, and what should I do now, that these changes of occurred. The Warlords of Draenor Guide is not a short read. In fact it’s over 90 pages, and gives a very in-depth look at how World of Warcraft changed the game. Of course it doesn’t stop there. You will also find plenty of really good information, including updates to leveling, changes in the way you have to level – including what’s been done to stop botters from leveling. Then perusing the guide you’re going to find information on what changed in each of the professions, including the addition of some previously unknown recipes and schematics. Continue reading »

Nov 202014

I am not sure if the 75 Conquest Points every 30 min75 Conquest Points every 30 min trick trick is for both Horde and Alliance or not. I know it works for Horde however. There is an NPC you will need to kill a mob in Ashram, which will drop a key. Use the key and earn quick Conquest Points. Best of all the NPC respawns every 10 minutes or so, so you can rinse and repeat all day long.

This works best with a druid or rogue because of their ability to stealth around elites, but might be possible with a character using some sort of potion of invis. I was going to post a picture of the potion, but I couldn’t find it :\ (little humor there for fellow dry sense of humor peeps). If you don’t have the potions, you should be able to buy them off the AH with WoW Gold.

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Nov 202014

RPG-Exploiters has been under maintenance.

We were working on moving away from our previous host provider to Media Temple which has been proven to be much faster and more apt to respond to technical support queries then GoDaddy. Most of the issues we believe to be resolved, but will work to bug fix any others that we find along the way. In the meantime, you can “Like” our Facebook Page, for more updates as they are happening.


  • Clickbank Integration tested and complete
  • Media Temple Hosting move complete
  • Forums for VIP members, coming soon.
    We have not yet decided whether or not we will allow the following…
    • Submissions for free VIP access
    • Trade Forums – we will need to have a plugin created for that purpose
    • non-VIP users on the forums
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Nov 192014

Archeage Gathering SpreadsheetsArcheage Gathering Spreadsheets, are here to help you to know how long it will take you to plant and harvest trees, raise animals, farm herbs and veggies. Each item is listed along with their initial cost, best harvesting locations, total time to produce, even their expected yield. How these Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets help, is first and foremost knowing when to come back, so that someone else doesn’t gather your items. Second to allow you to plan out your profits and traderuns exactly as needed. Continue reading »

Nov 172014

Warlords of Draenor Leveling GuideThis Warlords of Draenor Leveling Guide, will level your World of Warcraft character from level 1, all the way to level 100. It’s an in-game guide, and would normally cost you $60 if you bought it directly from Zygor WoW Guides. Of course, you’re not going to need to spend that kind of cash, because as a member of this website, you get it just for being a VIP member

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Nov 162014

On Tuesday/Wednesday coming, we will be switching hosts. While GoDaddy has helped us to get our costs under control, we believe that Media Temple will be able to help us better to manage our website. We need stronger capabilities which in turn will allow us to have traffic spikes without the downtime which we found presented with GoDaddy.

While we do not expect a downtime, it could occur during the transition time. Please contact us, if you need any help.

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