Aug 212014

In order to Play MyVegas Mobile on Windows you are going to need to install an Android emulator.Play MyVegas Mobile on Windows Tutorial An Android Emulator will then allow you to install and run Android APK files within Windows. It will also give you limited access to the various Android marketplaces for the different Android Apps.

Of course being that its an emulator, on older systems, or those with limited resources, you may not be able to Play MyVegas Mobile on Windows, or it might run super slow. But any system built within the last few years should have no difficulty with the emulator. I myself have verified this works on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Since i do not like the Metro interface, I have not upgraded to Windows 8. If you do not have a mobile phone capable of running Android, then this is a viable alternative which should work for you. Continue reading »

Aug 202014

This MyVegas Caribbean Cruise Giveaway Guide, MyVegas Caribbean Cruise Giveawaywill help you to achieve each of the days goals, with minimal effort and minimal chips. The thing to remember about this game, is that you need to get each tier of the pieces each day, to get your chance at winning the MyVegas Caribbean Cruise Giveaway drawing ticket. Continue reading »

Aug 202014

Xenocite Ore Farming MapsWe are going to show you the areas on where we found the best Xenocite Ore Farming Maps in this guide. Xenocite is used in a few professions, but you will need it most in Weasponsmith and Armorer leveling. Just follow the arrows on the maps below, to navigate by the most Xenocite Ore spots. Since the Xenocite Ore does tend to spawn in the same locations fairly regularly, you will be able to not only restart again in the same spots, but also collect massive amounts of Xenocite ore to level up your professions easily. We have 2 Xenocite Ore Farming Maps which we found the most spawn locations, Wilderrun and Malgrave. Simply click the maps, to go to the larger images if you need it. Continue reading »

Aug 192014

Platinum Ore Farming MapsThese Platinum Ore Farming Maps are specifically for farming Wildstar Platinum Ore in Whitevale and Farside. If you are looking for where to farm Wildstar Platinum Ore in mass quantities, then this is the guide for you. We traveled all over Nexus to find not only which were the best routes, but also the best Platinum Ore Farming Maps. These maps tend to spawn the Platinum ore in the same spots, over and over. This means that once you trace the path, you can start from the starting spot, and trace it again, to pick up even more Platinum ore. This is perfect for leveling any other tradeskill which utilizes Platinum Ore. Continue reading »

Aug 182014

This Wildstar Crafting Voucher Transfer Cheat Wildstar Crafting Voucher Transfer Cheatallows you to transfer Crafting Vouchers to another character. The Best way to use this cheat, would probably be to flesh out a low level crafter with more recipes and bags, or to sell these Wildstar Currencies to other players. 

What is a Wildstar Crafting Voucher? It’s a crafting currency rewarded by tradeskill work orders, then spent on tradeskill talent respecs, mid-game crafting schematic purchases, crafting materials, elder game crafting schematics, or elder game crafting materials. Continue reading »

Aug 182014

Today, you can get your own Free Paragon Rescue Kit.Free Paragon Rescue Kit If you have ever had a Hard Drive fail, then you know how important it is to have a Rescue Kit. A Rescue kit is a tool which will allow you to attempt to salvage a Hard Drive, so that either it will boot again, or to access the information. Either of these solutions is great news. If your Hard Drive simply fails, and you have no prepared Rescue Kit, then you’re screwed.

This Free Paragon Rescue Kit, is a collection of professional rescue functions for immediately restoring systems and data.

You probably don’t know this about me, but I am a huge fan of torrenting. I download TV shows and movies, often to my Phablet, and then I watch shows on my breaks at work. Since I get about an hours worth of breaks (upto 2 hours worth), this can mean I can watch 1-2 shows, which I would normally miss since I work swing shift. If you torrent, and are the member of a site, then you need to keep your ratio up. For me, this means I keep a ratio of 1.5 on Torrentday. Of course I take precautions still, I use Peerblock, and also use CyberGhost (to further hide my IP), but I use an external Hard Drive to hold the files I have already watched, and am still seeding. In the beginning of the Summer, my Hard Drive Crashed. Yup, can’t access it at all. I did however manage to access some files at one point, but had to let the rest go. But I managed to do all this because of my Rescue Disk. Without it, nothing would have been restored, and countless hours lost and ratios destroyed. So when I tell you, you need to have a Rescue Kit for your Hard Drive, believe me, you really do. Continue reading »

Aug 172014

So a few weeks on into the game, I have learned and changed my WildStar Warrior Tanking buildWildStar Warrior Tanking Build & Guide quite a bit. Its improved my TPS a crap load up to around 8k or 9k TPS. My survivability is great with over 11k shield and 40k health after eating. I also have between 17% and 35% deflect chance. It changes depending on what procs I have on me at any given time but from what I’ve observed the average is about 29% for most of the fight. I still have amazing utility. Continue reading »

Aug 162014

In this FFXIV ARR Gil GuideFFXIV ARR Gil Guide, we will teach you everything you need to know on how to farm FFXIV ARR Gil, so that you never have to buy it again. Simply follow this FFXIV ARR Gil Guide, and you will be on your way to making your dream stash using the top 5 tested and working, top Gil-making strategies that blow every other method out of the hemisphere. Continue reading »

Aug 152014

This CyberGhost VPN Premium Plus OP Deal, will save you $90!!! For the last month or so, I have been trying to convince many of you that you should getCyberGhost VPN Premium Plus OP Deal either HideMyAss VPN or CyberGhost VPNs. Maybe you thought I was being a bit too intrusive or maybe you think you really don’t need one. Let me assure you, if you live in the USA or China, or ANY OTHER COUNTRY, you need a VPN. It doesn’t matter if you choose one of the ones I recommend, or not. It only matters that you get one, and start using it. You might think, well, I don’t do anything wrong, so I am safe. It’s really not a matter of if you do anything wrong, but rather the invasion of your privacy. Your privacy is getting invaded day after day, in some of the most unusual ways, but it IS getting violated.

Every site you visit, is tracking you to some extent. Even this site is tracking you, but not to invade your privacy. We here at RPG-Exploiters, track which posts you visit, to try to bring you more of what you are reading. Other sites out there however, are doing much worse. They are tracking where you came from, and where you are going. While this might not seem much of a privacy concern, it gets worse… Continue reading »