Jul 302014

This is just a MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide.MyVegas Event Tip Mini-Guide You see this is one of the games that we like to play. When we aren’t PVPing, leveling, or raiding in other games, we like to earn comps to Las Vegas for trips, and MyVegas Events are a great way to earn rewards. However, there is a trick and a bit of science to winning these rewards. Currently, the MyVegas Event is the 2 year anniversary birthday bash, but it’s really hard to get the pieces if you don’t know what you are doing. This is where this MyVegas Event Tip is going to help you. Continue reading »

Jul 292014

The Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon for Dominion and Exile, will teach you how to level 1-50 in as little as 2 days. For me, that’s a huge time saver, and to be rather honest, I kind of dislike the whole grinding up to the level cap thing, though it does give some insight into how each skill can be properly used, to ensure that you are delivering them in the right order, for maximum damage. With the Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon guide, you will miss some of that… but to avoid the grind, it’s well worth it.

Beastly Wildstar Leveling AddonThe Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon was created with speed leveling in mind. With the Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon, you will level in record times, with a step-by-step journey mapped out for high efficiency.

  • Know where to go at all times
  • Know which quests to accept or skip
  • Know where and how to complete each quest
  • Know the proper order to turn in quests, to maximize your XP gain

Beastly Wildstar Leveling Addon Full Download

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Jul 292014

In order to get your Free Cyber Ghost VPN Premium Subscription for 3 months, you need only follow the below link, enter in your valid email address, and then install Free Cyber Ghost VPN Premium SubscriptionCyber Ghost VPN’s software.

What is a VPN?

virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it is directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryptions. (read more)

What does Cyber Ghost VPN do for you, as a gamer?

As a gamer, Cyber Ghost VPN will encrypt your data whenever you use a hotspot or an unsecure public access point. This ensure’s that your account isn’t hacked by data thieves who use the same access point as you. By using the Free Cyber Ghost VPN Premium Subscription, you will get 3 months of the premium version of this software for free.

  • Watch Netflix/Hulu from any country
  • Protect your identity online
  • Download torrents safely
  • Surf anonymously online
  • Play Online Games Securely

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Jul 282014

To get the Free Sims 2 Game, you will need an Origin and the code presented below. If you don’t have an Origin account, sign up for one, then having completed their details, log in, and then goto this page.

Free Sims 2 GameAbout Sims 2 (quote from Wikipedia)

The game has the same concept as its predecessor: players control their Sims in various activities and form relationships in a manner similar to real life. The Sims 2, like its predecessor, does not have a defined final goal; gameplay is open-ended. Sims have life goals, wants and fears, the fulfillment of which can produce both positive or negative outcomes. All Sims age, and can live to 90 sim days depending on the degree to which their aspirations are fulfilled. The Sims 2 builds on its predecessor by allowing Sims to age through six stages of life and incorporating a 3D graphics engine. Although gameplay is not linear, storylines exist in the game’s pre-built neighborhoods. Pleasantview is based 25 years after the town in the original The Sims. Strangetown’s storyline is based on the supernatural, and is loosely connected with Pleasantview. Veronaville’s characters are based on Shakespearean characters.

Use this code to get your Free Sims 2 Game

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Jul 282014

The complete Monster Hunter Title Bestiary Locations list is for DAGGERFALL COVENANT.Monster Hunter Title Bestiary Locations  If Veteran Players find the best areas for the other factions, post them below, I’ll add them here.

Many of these may NOT be the best (but we’ll work collectively to make sure we get them!). I didn’t re-scout Tamriel to do this, or even all of the DC area. I remembered and asked around to gather information and checked the areas to make sure they were quick and easy as can be. I know I’ve done that for many, but some could probably still be better.

Now that the premise has been set, let’s get on to the locations!

Monster Hunter Title Bestiary Locations

Locations I did not include because the enemies are ubiquitous, plentiful in many areas, achieved in casual/normal/story play, etc:

Skeletons, Beasts, Insect-like Creatures, Humanoids, Bestial Daedra, Humanoid Daedra.

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Jul 262014

A Brute Force Archive Password Removal ToolBrute Force Archive Password Removal Tool, is a tool you can use to remove a password from any zip, rar, or ace archive file. It will brute force it’s way through the password. To Brute Force, means to use every combination of possible passwords, including using Small Letters, caps, symbols, or numbers, to attempt to gain access to the archive.

In the cheat business, one of the things which pisses me off the most, is when I attempt to download a program only to find I need to pay to get access to the archive, when I got the tool in the archive for free. In other words a zipped game hack or bot, which is free to use, once you provide the password to open the archive. Sometimes the password for the archive is really simple to get, but more times then not, you have to purchase an item, sign up for a multitude of spam emails, and then it’s still a 50/50 chance on whether you get the password or not. This Brute Force Archive Password Removal Tool will help you to avoid the hassle of all that… Continue reading »

Jul 262014

These Unstable Artifact Thieves Maps, will help you to locate the Squirrel Unstable Artifact Thieves which pop-up during Unstable Zone Events. You won’t need the use of Potions of Artifact finding with these guys, but you will need to be on the lookout for squirrel critters in the locations specified. Keep in mind that there are 4 different types of Artifact Thieves, which will correspond to the Thief Catcher nets, you will need, in order to capture said thieves.

They are common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), and epic (purple).

unstable artifact thieves

Thief Catcher nets, can be crafted by Dream Weavers, and will cost varying amounts of Dream Ribbons. Depending on the skill of the Dream Weaver, the cost of these nets will vary, as the materials may cost as little as 25 Ribbons which in turn will take 13 common artifacts for a high level Dream Weaver, or 25 common artifacts for a low level Dream Weaver (or anywhere in between depending on skill).

You do not need to be a Dream Weaver, in order to use the Artifact Thief Catcher (nets), but you might waste one or more, trying to capture the Unstable Artifact Thieves, as they can scamper quickly away. It”s best to watch the movement of the Unstable Artifact Thieves, before attempting capture, as to avoid wasting a net. Continue reading »

Jul 232014

In order to battle pirates and crackers game developers have put in some sneaky anti-piracy measures into game. Everybody loves to pirate games, so much in fact that one game was recently cracked and distributed before it was even released. Gameloft was not amused, and promised to ban anyone who pirated Modern Combat 5. You might ask yourself what’s the square-root of a fish, or you might wonder what things game developers are doing to battle piracy.

As it happens, besides making it harder to crack games by using sneaky anti-piracy measures, such as Blizzard’s Warden software and similar layers of tech, game developers are also adding Easter Eggs to their games, for pirated games. Some of these sneaky anti-piracy measures are malicious in nature, some of them annoying, and some of them are downright scary. Continue reading »

Jul 232014

PurePings is giving away a 7 Days to Die Steam Key, on August 24th, and you might be the next big winner. They are giving away 10 copies of the game, along with a dedicated game server and Mumble voice server, for 3 months. This means that you get to play for free, and challenge your friends to play on your own server, and free VOIP for those 3 months.

7 Days to Die Contest

7 Days to Die Steam Key Contest

Whats your chance at winning the 7 Days to Die Steam Key Contest? Pretty damned good. At the point of writing this, there were less then 6000 entries, which means a 1 in 600 chance to win. That’s an amazingly good chance, all things considered – at least compared to other contests which are 1 in 10 thousand or so. You might have to jump through some hoops to get the copy, but they are easy hoops… watch a video, like a page, visit a website, etc.

Click Here to enter


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