Dec 192014

New Cheats on VIP ForumsAny new cheats or exploits we come across will now be posted in the forums. The forums presents a better place for users to interact, share information, and to debunk exploits. If you wish to get a free subscription to the site, you can submit a new cheat/guide. If accepted, you will be granted free access to the site and forums.

Alternatively, you can instead choose to purchase access to this site…

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Monthly subscriptions available for only $10 a month.
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Dec 202014

Continuing with our posting of each of the classes, today you get the WoW Monk Guide WoW Monk guidefor Warlords of Draenor. This WoW Monk Guide is a feature packed, with a complete overview of the best recommended builds, stats overviews, major glyphs, recommended playstyle etc.

Have you just discovered that your Monk build is not as effective as your Monk friends and family seem to be? Do you want to learn the best kept secrets to get epic gear and armor sets in the game? This WoW Monk Guide gives Monk gamers who are serious about their game the extra boost in both PvP and PvE. This WoW Monk Guide is packed with rare and unique gaming tactics, our team of specialists provide players with: Top-notch talent builds, veteran leveling strategies, and gold earning techniques – all designed specifically for the Monk class. Continue reading »

Dec 182014

Archeage Render Game ModThe Archeage Render Game Mod, is a modification to the game files which will change the way the game displays to you. File modification is against the TOS, but if you follow the directions explicitly, you should have no problems. See the Feature List below, to see what you can achieve with this modification.

THIS MOD INCLUDES AN AH MOD – With this mod, you will be able to see Auction Timers down to the second. This allows you to snipe purchases, by purchasing an item at the last moment, which then causes no one to be able to outbid you.

The Archeage Render Game Mod is confirmed working for North America.  Continue reading »

Dec 172014

Mouse Keyboard Macro RecorderI like to use a Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder, when I need to repeat the same process over and over in a game. Sometimes I will use a Macro Recorder which will make it so that I only have to hit record, do the instructions I want recorded, and then have the Macro Recorder do it an infinite amount of times. This saves me the hassle of making a macro in AutoHotKey or AutoIt which I may need or modify several times to work… or worse make one for a game, and then go into the game, where I am running a different resolution, which then breaks the macro.

Today, you can actually get this Mouse Keyboard Macro Recorder, for free. The normal cost of this tool is $30, today you get it free. This offer expires 19 Dec 2014. Continue reading »

Dec 162014

This S4 League Game Hack, gives you quite a few S4 League Game Hackdifferent functions which you can use against your enemies in a multi-player match. In mini Game mode, it offers the following functions; Inf Ammo, In Sp, Godmode, Auto Conquest, Aimbot, All Channels. 

If you update this S4 League Game Hack to the newest version, with the in-tool updater, you will also get the following functions; 1 Hit, Heal enemy, 000/000 Hp, Inf Hp, Fast Fire, Self Kill, Speed Hack (Full Power), Mission Clear, Invisible, Reverse Wall Jumps, No Name, Nick Detector, Show Hp ( ONLY FOR TEAM MATES), No Lag Hit Range.

Warning: To use this S4 League Game Hack, you will need to have a Hackshield bypass (not included with this gamehack). This S4 League Game Hack, is only for use with S4 League, no other game. Continue reading »

Dec 142014

FFXIV Gil Farming GuideWhat if I told you it was really easy to farm Final Fantasy XIV Gil with this FFXIV Gil Farming Guide? If you don’t like spending hard earned cash to purchase FFXIV Gil, then you need this FFXIV Gil Farming Guide.

If you are exhausted of the constant attempt to farm Gil, utilizing old methods to farm FFXIV gil in a game which ever changes, then read on. This FFXIV Gil Farming Guide will help free you from a pointless Gil Grind, which takes away your free time from the game, losing precious time to really enjoy yourself.  Continue reading »

Dec 132014

By now, if you’ve followed any of my advice, its time to start Trimming MyVegas Friends. Trimming MyVegas FriendsOf course, you might not need to do this, but following my own advice, I have many many many “friends” on Facebook. There comes a time however when some of these players may not be as hardcore as you. This means, they might play once in a while, or they might have stopped playing altogether for various reasons. Some of the reasons might include lack of interest in slot games (it can grow boring), no money to travel to Las Vegas (or other supported areas), or being pissed off that after sending out gifts to everyone, you only get back 1/5 of the gifts sent. This one is starting to wear on me. It’s not to the point of 1/5, but I don’t want to wait that long myself, which is why I am making this guide on Trimming MyVegas Friends & Neighbors. Continue reading »

Dec 122014

You might have noticed that for the last several days both EZTV & ThePirateBay Servers Down. EZTV & ThePirateBay Servers DownThePirateBay and EZTV have been down due to a raid on TPB. Point in fact, the downtime is actually caused by a Swedish raid on some servers which host ThePirateBay. We know that one arrest was made, and that some equipment was seized. The extent of what was seized and who was arrested is not known at this time. Continue reading »

Dec 112014

So you want to be a Pirate, Argghh? Well, this ArcheAge Pirate Guide ArcheAge Pirate Guideshould introduce the Pirate faction. I have been a pirate now for one month! If you have had better experience, or if your Pirate adventure was/is terrible then here is some help for you. Got something to add? Then please share it us in the comments below!

To begin, you need to ask, “Why the hell do someone want to became a Pirate?” As in all games, there are pros and cons, and this ArcheAge Pirate Guide will go over each of them. Continue reading »

Dec 092014

ArcheAge Shadowblade  Beginner's GuidePlaying an ArcheAge Shadowblade, can only be played with a low lag. This character is a Crowd Control Master which can be used in PVP to dominate the opponent. You need to be able to land Crowd Controlling (cc’s) effects, and if you have a moderate to high ping, you might as well /facepalm yourself now. In group PVP, this class is borderline playable, but at 300ms or more ping, you won’t be able to do much else with it. Continue reading »