Sep 222014

Wildstar Class GuideIt’s one thing to play a class, but to really understand it, you need a Wildstar Class Guide. A Wildstar Class Guide will teach you the ins and outs of your particular class, but not just in name, but how to play your class and which skills are best used. This Wildstar Class Guide also goes over the best weapons and an intro into some recommended builds, without telling you which build is best. Really, there is no best build, until you know the best way to play your class.

Learn tips, tricks and strategies to keep pushing your combat performance one notch higher. Let me put it a different way though. If you could learn your class today, would you do it, or would you wait the time to level, play some PVP and some PVE and slowly learn different strategies, which might take months to master. You would learn them today, and now is your chance with this Wildstar Class Guide. Continue reading »

Sep 202014

Archeage Prison System - prisoner garbThe Archeage Prison System isn’t a new idea to MMOs, but it is somewhat rare to find in an MMO. The Archeage Prison System, is one of the most well thought out systems to date. Each time you commit some sort of Crime, you gain Crime Points which once rose to a certain amount will net you a trip to court or if you’ve been a extremely bad, Piracy!

To get sent to prison, you will need to obtain 50 Crime Points. To get a life of Piracy and plunder, you will need to obtain 3,000 Crime Points! There is a way however, to slowly yet surely ( unless you go on another rampage ) to lose you’re crime points. These are a form of daily quests that lower you’re Crime Points by 30 each time you get one! Continue reading »

Sep 192014

It came to me, a way to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving. How? Why? Why would you even need to? Well lets start with the fact that I was about to sit down for dinner, when I realized I needed to send out all my gifts for the day. Normally, I need to send them off to a good 300+ people, and this can be monotonous handling 8 at a time. In fact, I began to realize the amount of time it takes, to send so many out. Now I actually found it’s easier to do it form the drop down menu on the top left side of the MyVegas screen, rather then attempting to do it along the bottom, but it’s still a pain sorting through who I need to send to, click on each one, then proceed to the next screen and do it all over again, 40+ times. This is when I realized how simple it would be to Automate MyVegas Gift Giving, and now I am going to share this information with you. Continue reading »

Sep 182014

Over the next few days, we will complete our Clickbank Integration for Clickbank Integration Clickbank allows us to reach a greater market and to let others know we are here. This in turn will allow us to bring you higher quality content. If you are currently subscribed through PayPal, this will not affect your subscription. You will continue to stay an active member, for as long as you continue to pay, at the rate you are currently paying. Continue reading »

Sep 182014

This ArcheAge Leveling Guide, is a detailed quest leveling guide for all individual races; Nuian, Elven, Harani, & Firran. This guide will help you to achieve 1-50 leveling at the fastest pace possible. At this time, questing is the fastest method to level 1-50. At the end of this Archeage Leveling Guide, you will also learn how to and complete all the requirements to build your own ship. Continue reading »

Sep 172014

This Darkrunner PVP Base Guide, Darkrunner PVP Base Guidewill go over the basics of this class, in terms of PvP and some PvE as well, including weapons, armor, and skills. Some aspects of this will change with the final release, so this guide is made in generalization. The Darkrunner class is similar to a rogue from World of Warcraft. So you will find a good amount of Darkrunners. Fortunately you will run circles around their inability to do damage effectively in PvP, and react to control correctly – since most of them will likely play like they did in WoW and not the new class presented to them.

CLASS: DarkRunner/Politician = shadow+fight+willsafe
DESCRIPTION: Highly mobile, melee burst dmg ganker. Little to no sustained survivability, Little to no sustained dmg output (considering the former). MORE OR LESS -> high risk, high reward. Continue reading »

Sep 162014

Every time I visit any of the MyVegas groups someone always asks what is a MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick.MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast Trick They want to know how to collect Loyalty Points fast. The most common answer is to just play, add more friends, or play on the mobile and Facebook version at the same time. Those are the solutions which most people think of, and while it’s true you can collect MyVegas Loyalty Points Fast, there is actually a trick, which can allow you to gather them super fast, faster then playing for them like normal. Imagine being level 20, new to MyVegas, and picking up 3000 Loyalty Points in 1 day. This is possible, and very easy to accomplish, without spending any real money! Continue reading »

Sep 152014

There’s been a few Twitch Steam Hacking problems Twitch Steam Hackingover the last few days. In fact a bit of a hoopla over the last couple weeks with Twitch. What is Twitch? Twitch allows you to stream your game play so that others can watch what you’re doing, and even chat with you, as you play. It’s a unique perspective, which has gained quite a few followers for some gamers. These gamers if they have enough followers then promote products which in turn gain them some money. Now I mentioned Twitch Steam Hacking Problems. There have been those as well as some solutions, which you can read below. Continue reading »

Sep 122014

GTAV Release Date for PC, XBoxOne, and PS4

The GTAV Release Date for PC, XBoxOne, and PS4 has been set, kinda. GTAV Release DateWe know that all 3 versions of the new and improved GTAV are supposed to be released sometime after January 27th, 2015. We also know there will be a pre-order bonus of $1M in game cash and more of everything in terms of graphics and sounds. 

All three versions of the game will feature ‘major visual and technical upgrades’ which should have Los Santos and Blaine County looking and feeling better than ever. Some of the changes including increased draw distances and higher resolution to suit the more powerful machines. Rockstar’s also added new weapons, vehicles, and activities – sort of compensation for the long wait, perhaps. There’s also going to be additional wildlife, more dense traffic flow, a new foliage system (we can hardly wait), and upgraded weather effects. Continue reading »

Sep 122014

Microsoft Minecraft DealIf you follow any of the technology newsites, you might have heard about the Microsoft Minecraft Deal. It’s been rumored for the last several months that Microsoft wanted to purchase Minecraft, but nothing official has come about yet. According to Mojang, the privately held Swedish company that makes Minecraft, they had sales last year of $360 million. Considering the game is blocky and well pretty much just pixels, it’s no wonder we see so many clones. And really at this point, I am not sure that Mojang could really gain much from selling to Microsoft, but the gains that Microsoft would get would be enormous.

[Edit] Sale of Minecraft was confirmed today Sept 15. Microsoft is the proud new owner of this pixel block sandbox. Continue reading »