Oct 172014

New Subscriptions Open AgainWe have been approved by Clickbank and will begin again selling subscriptions. New subscriptions will now cost $10 monthly, but will allow more people access to all that we have to offer by allowing outside websites to send traffic this way. 

Note: All current subscribers will continue to keep their subscription at the reduced rate until canceled.

Moneyback Guarantee – More Payment Options


Once things get rolling, we have a few plans… New Host Provider, Forums with Trade Forums, More Writers, More VIP Content.

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Oct 252014
WoW Transmog Cheat

Darkmoon Faire Legacy Gear

There is an interesting WoW Transmog Cheat, which is not very well known. It will allow you to purchase an item from any vendor, even those for honor, valor, justice, Darkmoon Faire, or any other for that matter. Transmog an item to look like the item you purchased, then return said item for a full refund. If you ever wanted to take a crappy set of armor, and make it look like something special, but didn’t want to actually farm up the entire set, this is the way to do it.

WoW Transmog Cheat confirmed working on patch 6.x for US and EU!


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Oct 242014

Getting the Soot Black Chocobo MountSoot Black Chocobo Mount Guide, is fairly easy. The key to getting it, isn’t so much experimentation, just doing the feeding in the correct order. To get the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, you need to start with the Desert Yellow Chocobo Mount. You are going to need a total of 19 Apples, 23 Pears, 32 Berries, and 2 plums.

If you think you can simply feed your Desert Yellow Chocobo Mount these items to get the Soot Black Chocobo Mount, think again. You need to break down the fruits into a specific order that will then allow you to feed the mount to get it to the proper coloration. Continue reading »

Oct 222014

There is a new WoW Winterspring Gold Trick,WoW Winterspring Gold Trickthat very few people know about. It will allow you to farm anywhere from 10k to 20k an hour. What you do with the gold is up to you, but keep in mind this is new and few people know about it for now. Once it becomes common knowledge and the markets get flooded, then the profits will drop steadily. Continue reading »

Oct 212014

Magic CameraMagic Camera is a webcam enhancing program for webcam chat and webcam effects. This program also works to create a video of your gaming window. So you can use it to record your gaming sessions or as a webcam enhancement program. It works for all Cameras including (HD) Webcams, Digital Cameras, TV/Video Capture Cards, Camcorders, IP Cam (via DirectShow). Continue reading »

Oct 202014

Remote Control MyVegasIf you have a mobile Android or iPhone device, you can Remote control MyVegas by installing TeamViewer. Doing this will allow you to send gifts, collect properties, and even set up spins. Since this is not a macro tool, it’s not against MyVegas’ Terms of Service (TOS), which means they can’t use it to ban or remove your Loyalty Points. There are plenty of similar tools, but TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use and works on Mac, iPhone, Linux, Android, and Windows – thus making for a cheap way to Remote Control MyVegas. Continue reading »

Oct 182014

Archeage Regrading, Socketing, & EnchantingMany people don’t seem to understand Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting, so I am here to share this information with you. First I would just like to distinguish the three. To the right, there is a picture of a staff. It has an enchant, a number of used sockets and appears to have been regraded.

Archeage Regrading Socketing & Enchanting


There can only be one enchant on an individual item, in this case, its “Magic Skill Damage 3.0% Increase” if one was to use another enchant, or to upgrade the item to a subsequent tier (Magnificent, in this case) the current enchant would be destroyed. Often certain enchants can only be used on certain pieces of equipment, such restrictions include: hands, head, feet, off-hand, ranged weapon and many others. This is to prevent stacking of a certain stat, say, 5.0% Movement speed, if you could apply it to all your gear, would allow you to out-run even the fastest of mounts. That would be fun. ;) Continue reading »

Oct 172014

2014 October MyVegas CouponsWhat are the 2014 October MyVegas Coupons? October MyVegas coupons are a bit like Large Chip shares, except that they don’t expire right away, and can often last upto 3 weeks. These October MyVegas Coupons are often 500-5000 chips, with the average being 1k-2k. 

I decided to make a new post, because lets face it, the other thread was getting a little out of hand. If you are looking for older coupons, you can refer to this page, scroll to the comments section. You will find several MyVegas coupons, all which should be ready to go for you to maximize your chip counts.

I have actually been in Las Vegas for the last few days, and lo and behold, I was in need of some October MyVegas Coupon gathering. So for the rest of this month, I am going to paste all the old October MyVegas Coupons here. This will be simply for 2014 October, and I will add the rest of this month’s coupons to the trailing end of this post later. Continue reading »

Oct 132014

If you’re looking for an idea of what Archeage is, then you need to read this Archeage Information and FAQ. I have included some tips and tricks along with some general information about the game and game world. If there is anything you think should be added to this post, then post a reply in the comments below, and if the information is well written and explains what you think should be added, I will incorporate it into this post. Continue reading »

Oct 112014

Archeage Gold Making GuideIn this Archeage Gold Making Guide, we are going to focus on Trade Packs. There are many ways to make Archeage Gold in the game, and this is just one way, but it’s also one of the more efficient and effective ways. This Archeage Gold Making Guide will focus specifically on safe continental trade without the need of a boat or traveling to unsafe PvP regions.

The Archeage Gold Making Guide will also help you to obtain one of the coveted Farm Carts, which will help you speed your trading up by allowing you to carry more, and to travel faster on your trade routes. Continue reading »