Sep 012014

You probably didn’t realize it, but the Zygor TESO Leveling GuideZygor TESO Leveling Guide can actually level you 1-50 in as little as 5 days.  Of course with name brand recognition of Zygor, you clearly want an in-game leveling guide, and this Zygor TESO Leveling Guide delivers.

The Zygor TESO Leveling Guide, will level you 1-50 for any of the 3 factions, Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfell Covenant, or Ebonheart Pact. In most games which have various factions, each faction has their own starter areas, but they quickly meld into a group leveling area. Not so with The Elder Scrolls Online. In TESO, each faction has their own separate questing path. Other guides might charge you for 3 separate guides, but Zygor’s charges only one fee for 1-50, giving you all 3 factions in one bundle. Continue reading »

Aug 302014

Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, was originally created solely for the author, but was re-coded to make it more user friendly, and shared with others, code named D3X. The Diablo3 Easy Macro Tool, allows you to create, organize, and store macros on the fly. You can bind your skills to any key as well as binding multiple skills to a single key. It also allows you to Auto-cast any skill each time it is available. Continue reading »

Aug 292014

It’s not everyday you can get a Free Minecraft eBook , which is not only free but new as well. This Free Minecraft eBook, was released on July 17, 2014 so you can be sure it has the latest content, unlike some of those other Minecraft eBooks which are turning 5 years old. No subscription required today, just click on the image to the right, or read more about the guide and scroll down to get the link. 

This All-In-One Free Minecraft eBook has anything you need ranging from the basic information all the way to combat and building AWESOME Designs and Traps. Minecraft: All-In-One Ultimate Player’s Guide is great for both beginners and advanced players!

UPDATE: VIP Members can now download this book in ePub format which can then be opened with most E-Readers, including CoolReader (for Android/PC). - Click Link at bottom of page to download.
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Aug 292014

To get The Crew – Racing MMO Beta Key Giveaway, is very simple. and Ubisoft have partnered to give away beta access keys to The Crew – the all new racing MMO that allows you to explore the entire United States in the hottest cars on the planet! Get your beta key while supplies last!

The Crew - Racing MMO Beta Key Giveaway

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Aug 282014

TESO PVP Guide - Full PDF DownloadTheTESO PVP Guide, teaches you the everything PVP for each class in The Elder Scrolls Online. Builds, Tactics,  Skill Lines, Alliance Points, & Siege Weapons. 60 pages of PDF Goodness, will go over everything you need in order to excel in Elder Scolls Online PVP.

In this TESO PVP Guide, we cover 5 basics to help you achieve PVP Greatness; PVP Skills, Advanced PVP Builds, Alliance Points, Siege Weapons, and Skill Lines. Continue reading »

Aug 272014

What is and why do you need a Hackshield Bypass? A Hackshield Bypass, Hackshield Bypassallows you to use any hack, with a game which employs the use of Hackshield. Hackshield is used on games to protect them from would be hackers and botters. If you’re familiar with World of Warcraft, then this would be the equivalent of a Warden Bypass. However this is not for World of Warcraft, but rather for games which do use the Hackshield protection software, like Archeage and S4 League. Continue reading »

Aug 252014

MyVegas DNS Error SolutionI am sharing this MyVegas DNS Error Solution, because I belong to a few different MyVegas groups, and the one common thread I keep seeing is where people are having a problem with their DNS or MyVegas won’t load for them. Good news, I have a solution, and it’s been verified to work. Continue reading »

Aug 232014

WiFi Hack ToolThis WiFi Hack Tool for Windows allows you to recover or crack the password to almost any WiFi — including secure WiFi networks protected by WPA and WPA2 — using five methods of attack: dictionary, word, mask, combination, and hybrid attack. Plus, GPU acceleration is supported for faster recovering/cracking. For the next few days, you get this WiFi Hack Tool for free. Normal cost? $99.95 Continue reading »

Aug 232014

In this Weaponsmith Leveling GuideWildstar Weaponsmith Leveling Guide, you will learn to level your crafting skill all the way up. To maximize your Weaponsmith skill in Wildstar, it relies on Mining and occasionally Salvaging. Ore is easily found in bulk via our Ore Farming Guides and Routes. After training your Weaponsmith, you will be given some quests to go craft some different pieces of gear. These grant the highest experience gains so you level super fast. However, when completing these quests, the quest will consume the pieces you make. This means you lose them and  you can’t sell or Salvage them. You may need to purchase Wildstar Gold to use this Weaponsmith Leveling Guide most effectively.  Continue reading »