Mar 122012
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This is another space bot, but in this case it’s stand-alone, meaning you don’t need to use a 3rd party program to run the script. It can do the space missions and they are pre-recorded for you, so that you don’t need to fly it once perfectly, and then repeat the missions. This bot is unique, in that it uses bot pixel color detection as well as image recognition to work. What this means is that it does NOT take huge files to work. This can be used as a stand-alone crew-skills bot, or to run dailies as well.

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  1. Set the resolution to 1024×768 windowed mode, quality: low
  2. Move the window to the upper left hand portion of the screen, then logout and in again. Don’t move the window again!
  3. Activate Default interface or set “Global Scale” to “1″ (ESC -> Interface Options)
  4. Stand in front of the chair in your Spaceship, facing the spacemap, then position the camera behind the chair.
  5. Start the bot, click onto the mission you wish to start and then onto the game window.
  6. Press F2 to stop the bot. F4 to close the bot.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • You MUST run this in administrative mode, for this to work. Right click on the bot icon, and then run as an administrator.
  • If you are having problems, make sure you have downloaded the latest release.
  • Jedi Knight, Jedi consular and Smuggler should work best.
  • The equipment of the ship should always be on the current level.
  • Special equipment (shield boost, EMP, etc.) should not be forgotten.
  • You will need epic equipment from the trade center (up to at least lvl 46) to make level 44 missions work.
  • If the bot misses the right click-point on the starmap move the game window a bit or use windows aero theme.
  • Do not run this in a sandbox, it won’t work if you do. It needs access to some windows resources and must be able to control the mouse/clicks.
  • Leveling from 43-44 takes longer then other levels. This is in part because of the lack of exp gained from the mission. There is some gained however, so it’s still ok to use this mission.
  • If the timing seems off on the Sullust or Drexel missions, go into options and add or remove (+/-) time. 1000 = 1 second.
  • If you have an ability with a yellow background on your bars, go ahead and move them to a different bar. These will set off your pixel detection and throw off the bot.
  • If you’re having problems completing missions, please check the minimum suggested spaceship gear. If you do not have the minimum gear, please get it and try the missions over again.
  • If you are still not succeeding, try lowering the gamma settings on your monitor through the grafix control panel.
  • Last, make sure you check the options. You can try alternative mission Loops or even adjusting the timing.
  • If your mouse coordinates are off and you have a widescreen monitor you need to change the resolution to “square screen” like 1280×1024.
  • On ATI:
    1. Radeon settings
    2. Flat panel properties
    3. Enable GPU scale
    4. Use centered timings
  • If you’re having problems with the bot clicking the wrong place no matter the resolution or the GPU scaling options on your computer you have to set the resolution to 1024×768 windowed mode and then completely reboot the game with those settings.
    Alternatively, try moving the screen around a hair. This can allow you to click the buttons enough to where the bot will functions.
  • If a mission doesnt work check if it should work for your class if you got the minimum equipment and then you can also play around with desktop brightness and color settings of your graphic card.
  • If the bot still won’t clear Sullust or Drexel, and you do not want to attempt to level by hand, come on over to and we can level you from 40-46. 
  • If you’re having problems with the bot clicking the wrong place no matter the resolution or the GPU scaling options on your computer you have to set the resolution to 1024×768 windowed mode and then completely reboot the game with those settings.
  • If a mission doesnt work check if it should work for your class if you got the minimum equipment and then you can also play around with desktop brightness and color settings of your graphic card.

Information on Alternative Mission Loops;

  • Standard Mission Loop: Searches for Accept and Leave buttons and uses a fixed wait time for the loading screen. (not recommended for slow computers)
  • Alternative Adaptive Mission Loop: Searches for Accept and Leave buttons and waits for beeing back on ship by recognizing the world map button on the radar hud (highly recommended for everyone)
  • Alternative Loop without Imagesearch and Counter: Just clicks at the spots where Accept and Leave buttons are supposed to be and uses a fixed wait time for the loading screen (recommended for everyone who has problems with the other two options)

Explanation on “Crewskill Only” Button:

  • The Crewskill function gets started without the Spacebot.
  • If you position your character in front of a cargo bay the “bank it” function will start automatically.

Explanation on Drexel and Sullust Standard Mission Start:

  • If you got major crashs into rocks (at 2:55 ingame timer) you need to change the standard custom timer entry. First of all try to find the correct timing for the rock at 2:55 by adding 1000 if the evasion comes too early and subtracting 1000 if too late.
    The last rock is as the name says the latest rock that needs a very precise timing and needs to be changed most of the time if you do some changes on the Overall timer.
Explanation on Dailies:

  • The Daily Tab is for finishing the daily missions.
  • All checked missions will be done in a row and repeated until the missions are finished successfully.

Fastest 1-50 SWTOR Leveling Guide

Official Links

Twitter Feed (shows subversion updates)

Ticket Post (Feature Request)

Super new x64 builds (.7z format – compiled by cystacae)
Super new x86 builds (.rar format – compiled by Phagotron and TMichael)

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Team’s subversion (source) server

We have a home site via our Assembla site. Not much to it right now and don’t need to for a work site. As far as ticket submittal for problems they can be done there. We are gearing up for and taking idea submissions for what users would like to see as far as features in 6.0. The twitter records all submission of code and does inform what code changes are made. These subs come from Assembla whenever we make some form of change. 

We do this for fun but donations always support the coders even if it is just the price of a bottle of soda while we code. Plus donators, past and present, will get extra UI features, personalization based, in 6.0 as they get a link to download a fully unlocked version on a $5.00+ USD donation. These personal versions will not be shipped with the donators code and is the only exception to the GPLv3 license we have recently swapped to. Plus the donators code they have is queued to their specified version and is saved on file. This is to deter theft or the donator features. If a code slips out it will be tracked and that donator will lose those features regardless if the special version was stolen as they will not longer receive the special links.

Donations may be made here

Donate to Lucky's Spacebot Devs



  22 Responses to “SWTOR: Standalone Space Mission Bot level 15-50 afk”

  1. Updated to latest version, various bug fixes.

  2. There is a even newer version out now!

  3. Yes there is, and I have been testing each and every version with my Sith Inq. The version released today, was the first version I have been able to get to do the Ezran space mission. At level 29, I was leaving it on Sarapin. While it did level, it was slower.

    • Updated the bot to the latest version, have included some gear requirements for the ships, and added some more tips that may help you to get this to work for your computer (bottom 3 tips).

      • Updated once again lol 4.05

        • Yup, he likes updating it, which is a good thing in our book. I am kind of surprised he hasn’t added the anti-afk/bank function into it, since it would simply be a matter of searching for the cancel button in the middle of the screen or jumping every few minutes (or both). Would be easy for him to add that and then offer just a crew skills bot. However when you think about it, you could just farm the lowest space mission and get the same effect, while still farming Fleet Commendations.

    • found a revised version with updates they say , so far so good

  4. I was thinking about getting a membership for this but does the new version support Bounty hunters?

    • I can’t say. Someone told me that it works for troopers now, but idk if that means that it works for BH. Check out this bot for your BH.

  5. This seems to be broken after patch 1.2
    It runs 1 mission then stops.

    • That’s correct, we are waiting for a new update. 1.2 made some changes to the game, and broke the bot hopefully only temporarily.

      One thing I want to mention, is that commendations are now only gained from doing daily quests (as of patch 1.2). Currently this bot does not support that, so hopefully that can also be added.

      Couple possible solutions which might work temporarily, move the window to the proper position (upper left corner), slightly offset and away from top/left by about 10-15 pixels. Also instead of using alternative adaptive mission, use standard mission.

      Once it’s updated, we will let you know.

  6. Another solution which people have been trying and some have succeeded with, is to re-save the images like “accept”, “cancel”, “ok”, etc.

    Also, don’t forget to turn the right quickbar on again. This is now done through a different settings window, which allows you to change the layout of the gui.

  7. Updated to v4.1, for SWTOR 1.2

  8. Updated to v4.2. Includes Daily Missions and Standalone Crew Skills leveling – works for patch 1.2

  9. I saw a newer version of this on another site.

    • It has become open source, and means there are updates daily now. Hared to keep up – especially without knowing if people are interested in us keeping it up to date.

  10. How do I download the bot? The download says page not found.
    Im new, any help would be great.

    • I have updated this bot to the latest version and uploaded it to a different file host. See the link above to download.

      • Per the Devs, they are working on Bounty Hunter/Trooper/Sith, to work on certain missions now as well.

        Our newest version is 5.34 but our latest unstable is 5.35 r157 and we are heavily at work developing the 5.35 Version 6.0 is going to be a huge change. In it we are streamlining code and rewriting the bot. That intention is to make setup super simple where all you have to do is unrar or open the 7z file. We also are now build a x64 version. The only benefit the x64 has is better memory management. However, both are about roughly the same in resources. We are talking LOTS of new features come 6.0 and a few more features are being thrown into the 5.3x line.

  11. Updated the bot to the latest versions (now includes x64 and x86 versions) along with FAQ and other pertinent information. Additionally, all can now see the post and is open for all to read.

  12. Hey just wanted to say this is an amazing thing that you guys put out there! i went from 29-36lv in one whole night!!! and got 250k !!! (imp agent) everything works like a charm but i only have one QQ if thats ok with you guys? If i were to donate $5.00 USD would i get the 6.0 version?? Or i guess you could say “What are the perks of donating?” Thats my question :-) You have helped me out so very much! thanks alot and i look forward to donating 4 sure!

    PS: i dont run it every night . just in case… is that ok also?

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