Mar 182013
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Being able to choose your target of a macro, can make casting a spell easier. In this case we have made a special modifier to a macro, which will allow you modify all your helper type spells.

In the example below, we used the Aero spell from a conjurer, to show you the way to make this modifier work.

Aero spell example;
/action “Aero”
/action “Aero”

What this allows me to do is cast the spell Aero whether I am targeting the mob in question or if I am targeting one of my party members, the target modifier automatically uses the ability on the target of my target, whereas the modifier makes it the target.

I have created a macro in this vein for every spell I have, including cures. Don’t put a wait between the lines, the game will automatically recognize which line is actually applicable and use the appropriate line command.

This macro allows me in dungeon play to primarily target the tank while still casting occasional nukes when necessary. Using the same type of macro for my cure spells also allows me to heal random players who may need assistance without needing to target them specifically, for example in FATE events where the goal is to defeat a large, powerful mob, I can target the mob the entire time while still curing anyone who happens to have hate.

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