Mar 072010
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Starcraft II Beta Launcher

It allows you to choose a map, your race, team color, player type, and which AI you want to use. Then you just click the START button, and Starcraft 2 BETA is launched with all your settings.

Before running the program, go into the sc2 launcher folder that was unzipped, from the zip folder.
Open the file named “SC2Launcher.ini”.
Go to the line that displays “GamePath=Z:StarCraft II Beta” and change Z:StarCraft II Beta to wherever Starcraft 2 Beta is installed on your computer.
Then save the file and close.
You are now ready to run the Launcher! Enjoy!

I included some custom AI’s and a TON of AI maps, so enjoy. :) The best AI to play against, in my opinion, is StarCrack AI 6.0, since its one of the hardest.

Joana's Legendary Starcraft 2 Strategies

If you want to add a new AI just copy and paste it into the “Mods” folder, in this format: MOD NAME, then inside it make sure there is the TriggerLibs folder. (This usually contains the actual AI scripts)

If you want to add maps just copy and paste them into the “Maps” folder.

Download it HERE | Mirror

If you don’t have Starcraft 2 Beta installed yet, follow the previous guide.

  22 Responses to “Starcraft 2: Beta Launcher – Play against good AI”

  1. It’s all yours :)))

  2. Great tool, well done figuring out how to make teams. I havn’t actually tried it just yet, but can you in your next version change it so you can put the map folder where ever you want? Cuz there is a bug when trying to watch your own replays so that I HAVE to play maps from the cache folder. And I’m not sure how to add my own AI’s ??
    Also the gui is freaking ugly but it’s the only one I can find with the option to make teams :P

  3. This program was not meant to show replays. Just to play against Variouse AI’s.
    I heard there is another program that lets you more eaily play Replays.

  4. A good tool for starting games HOWEVER.
    It seems like it wants to use the Liberty.Scmod MULTI. so that means I start with two or three bases,
    Sooo. If there is a way to fix it I’d be grateful!

  5. Sweet!

  6. The first time i tried this the AI wasn’t doing anything but mining, the second time around the AI was rather decent…On a downside, i am experiencing similar problems to Kratos, i start with double bases and everything i produce turns out in duplicate (same for the AI, if the size of their armies is anything to go by). A cure for this would be greatly appreciated

  7. Try out the new launcher that was posted here:

    This one shouldn’t have the problems you mentioned.

  8. Please, is there any alternative link or something, mega upload is blocked in my country. Hence I can’t download. Could someone pls lemme know if theres an alternative way to get this.

  9. I just posted a mirror, at, the site I use for files. Hope it works for you.

  10. What the [bleep] is up with this page? Trying to navigate away results in JavaScript alert asking me to comment. My comment: [bleep] YOU. Don’t try to capture visitors’ browsers.

  11. hey i love this

  12. MAD RESPECT! great download and ez instructions, i can FINALLY play on a team! I’ve had all kinds of maps so now i’m set. Thank you king yoshi!

  13. oops this map works great but i can’t (uncheck Free For All). I really want to play some 4v4 maps. Can anyone help?

  14. 4v4 maps don’t exist yet for the Beta. They should be released in the full version.

    -However I heard some rumors that people are in the process of making hacked 4v4 maps. Keep an eye out they might be out there. However, I have not found any yet.

  15. hey King Yoshi.. i have some problems..
    i downloaded the files.. do i download the starcraft 2 beta seperatly?? if so, where do i go?? ..sorry. this is my first time.

  16. Why do I start off with 2 main bases?

  17. Hey got the same prob as @Houk, e.g I start off with 2 Nexuses and double the probes if i use protoss

    • This is a glitch caused by the launcher only some times i think or maybe file, but it doubles everything so yeah. wasbnt helpful but yeah.

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