Mar 052012
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This isn’t much of a trick, but it can make you upto 250 platinum an hour. However this is based on a busy-ish server where the Auction House is somewhat active. If you are on a less populated server then it’s unlikely you will be able to do much towards gaining platinum in this manner, or you might only get 50 plat an hour *shrug*.

First off, use the Raid jump methoddrinking contest to gain tickets. Then goto the Carnival Prizes vendor and purchase a Box of Random Artifacts, for 10 Tickets. Open the box of random artifacts, to get the artifact inside. Now go sell the artifact on the AH. The first artifact I found was blue, I got 25 platinum for it. The second I gained 4 platinum, it was green. The 3rd was Blue, I sold it for 30 Platinum. The 4th again was green, this one I got 15gold for (negligible). The 5th again was blue, I sold it for 49 platinum. On and on it went, where one was blue and one was green. The blue ones I got 25+ platinum each for them. The green ones were on average about 35 gold.

Based on the time being about 20-30 seconds per ticket, and 10 tickets needed to get one artifact box, you should be able to average 250 platinum an hour, or more.

EDIT: You need a lower level character to get better chances of getting blue artifacts. Higher level characters who may already have the artifacts will be less likely to get the artifacts, if they don’t need them. I tested this on my level 22, 30, and 50. The 22 was getting them every other box, the 50 was getting them 1 in 10, with the 30 getting them 1 in 4 or so.

One other thing I want to mention, you should be able to increase the output of platinum, as the new ticket farming method is actually faster then the old one. The old one was 1 ticket per 30 seconds, the new one is 3 tickets per 30 seconds. There is no reason, you shouldn’t be able to increase your platinum per hour to around 500 or more at this point.

THIS HAS BEEN NERFED – a Recent Patch has increased the cost of the random box of artifacts to 100 tickets each. I have personally confirmed that the box only contains one artifact, making this not worth doing, or rather not VIP members only worthy.

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  1. Updated this method. New data supplied. Should be able to increase output to at least 400 gold per hour, if not higher.

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