Nov 012012
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First off, I finally got around to actually watching this, I have been a bit swamped to say the least. I want to give some kudos to the Rift Development team on what they have been doing with Rift, and all the cool things they are adding to RIFT: Storm Legion , the next expansion.

So what is a dimension? Well it’s kind of like player housing, except you get a landblock, to design your area, instead of just the inside of a house. Basically, you get a LOT of space to design things with. A great example is Jumping Puzzles, like in GW2/Rift/SWTOR… you can make your own! Additionally, if you played StarWars Galaxy, and you remember some of the awesome things that people were able to build, like aquariums or whatever else they could think of, then this would be the closest thing to it. Crafters will be able to create some items, some will be purchasable (for anywhere from 5g on up to several platinum), and some (later) might drop from Raid Bosses.

Buy Rift Platinum

Things which won’t be allowed will be crafting stations, and there doesn’t seem to be a shared storage at this point, but guild space may will be added later.

To see what’s currently available, check out this video below.

Rift Overpowered Builds, now includes Planar Attunement guide

Platinum making tips

  • Level any crafting skill you have (not just gathering)
  • Learn expensive crafting recipes, then be one of the first to start selling rare items on the AH – and make sure to bark them in trade chat!
  • Create some interesting dimensions and items within, then sell “plans” on how to make them, preferably with items only you can make.

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