Aug 292011
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Below you will find many answers to commonly asked question about the Jedi Knight, including questions about the roles Jedi Knights can play, advanced classes, weapon restrictions and armor restrictions, companion characters, light side/dark side, etc. Before you post that thread asking a question, you might want to check to see if the answer is here first. The Post will be updated with new information regarding the Jedi Knight class and advanced classes until release, and may be re posted in a new format after release. No, we don’t know the release date. 

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Please feel free to post corrections and addendum below. If you have new information that’s confirmed, post it in as a reply and I will add it.

Useful Links:

Jedi Knight Holonet Page

Advanced Classes

General Questions - 

Q: At what level do I get to chose my advanced class?

A: Level 10. 

Q: Where does the Jedi Knight begin play?

A: The planet of Tython, the ancient birthplace of the Jedi Order. 

Q: Do I get to start out with a Lightsaber?

A: No. You earn your lightsaber around the same time that you complete your character’s story arch on Tython, at approximately between level 8-10. Until then, you use a “Training Saber”, which resembles a vibro weapon bat thingy. 

Q: Do I get to craft my own lightsaber? 

A: Yes - WARNING: Link leads to video from in game cutscene, so if you don’t wanna spoil it, don’t click, and take me at my word. 

Q: Can I become a Jedi Master?

A: Yes! Although the method to become one is unconfirmed at this time. However, several developer statements confirm that many titles are available throughout the game, and that some may be based on alignment. 

Q: Can I fall to the Dark Side? 

A: Yes. 

Q: If I fall to the Dark Side can I switch factions?

A: No. 

Q: If I increase either my dark or light side score, will it open any rewards? 

A: Yes. There are gear rewards that are alignment-based, certain lightsaber color crystals can become equippable (see below), and certain abilities in your skill tree can be opened up with the proper alignment. 

Q: What sort of Star Ship do Jedi Knights get?

A: Corellian Defender Class Light Corvette

Q: What species can become Jedi Knights? 

A: To the best of our knowledge, Humans, Miraluka, and Zabrak. Twi’lek Jedi Knights have been suggested, as well. 

Q: What actors will be voicing the Jedi Knight? 

A: David Hayter will be voicing the male Jedi Knight. Kari Wahlgren will be playing the female Jedi Knight. (props to Aussie for the find)

Advanced Class Mechanics

Q: What are the available advanced classes for the Jedi Knight? 

A: First, you can find that information here . However, below is a basic rundown of each Jedi Knight advanced class, the roles it can fill, and the weapons and armor it uses. 

Jedi Guardian
Fully Viable Roles: Tank or Melee DPS
Weapon Style: Single Lightsaber
Armor Type: Heavy Armor

Q: So, as a Guardian, can I tank?

A: Yes

Q: So, as a Guardian, can I do competitive DPS?

A: Yes. There is a fully viable Guardian DPS build available for play. You will be able to offtank small encounters and weaker enemies, as well. 

Jedi Sentinel
Fully Viable Role: DPS
Weapon Style: Dual Lightsabers (two lightsabers)
Armor Type: Medium Armor

Q: So, as a Sentinel, can I do good DPS? 

A: Yes, and you have several different methods of doing that job to choose from. 

Q: Will I be able to do any offtanking as a Jedi Sentinel?

A: To a certain degree, yes. Like the DPS Jedi Guardian, you will be able to offtank small encounters or weaker enemies. 

Q: Is my weapon style restricted? For example, can a Jedi Sentinel use a single lightsaber?

A: Your weapon style is restricted for all practical purposes. Guardians single wield, and Sentinels dual wield. 

Q: Is my armor style restricted? For example, can a Jedi Sentinel wear Light armor?

A: Your armor is restricted in terms of what types of armor you can equip. Armor is backwards-usable. If you can use heavy armor, you can use medium and light armor. However, armor is designed in order to attract classes that fill particular roles through the stats the armor provides. Likely, you will be using your intended armor to fill your intended role. 

Q: So, which Advanced Class is better at DPS? Which one is better at offtanking in their DPS spec?

A: The Sentinel is marginally better better than the DPS Guardian (Vigilance build) at DPS, and the DPS Guardian build is marginally better at survivability than the Sentinel. 

Q: Is my choice of an advanced class permanent?

A: The developers said that the current plan is that they will probably allow it. (Georg Zoeller interview). They are still hashing out the details of the cost, and GZ implied it would be a large cost and not something you could do lightly. However, at present, they are planning on probably doing it. That’s about as specific as it gets. 

Q: Can I change my talents in game?

A: Yes. You can change your talents for in-game credits. 

Q: How do Talent Trees work? 

A: The Guardian and Sentinel share the Focus tree between them. Each Advanced Class has two unique trees as well. 

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Lightsaber Questions

Q: Can lightsabers be upgraded? 

A: Yes. Crystals and components can be used to upgrade your lightsaber. These crystals do include stat increases. In fact, you can keep the first lightsaber you get, and use it all the way until the end of the game by upgrading it as you go. 

Q: Can my lightsaber blade be any color?

A: Color crystals are currently alignment/faction based. So, if you are Republic, you can always equip Green and Blue crystals. If you are Dark Side, you can equip Red crystals. Other colors have been confirmed to exist, but their alignment requirements, if any, remain a mystery. If you are a Dark Side Jedi, you can equip red lightsaber crystals. If you are a light side Sith, you can equip green or blue colored crystals. 

NOTE: There is currently some unconfirmed information on the boards regarding Purple crystals and the Sith. We actually have no confirmation that the Sith get Purple by default, and that the Jedi would have to be Dark Side to equip it. Please don’t perpetuate the rumor until it’s confirmed by Gold. 

Q: Can I find a guard shoto/light whip/shoto/etc?

A: So far, the only light sabers confirmed to be in game are standard lightsabers that you see in the films – the saber staff and regular light sabers. 

Q: What Lightsaber fighting styles are available in game? 

A: The Jedi Guardian has access to Shien and Soresu. The Jedi Sentinel has access to Juyo and Ataru. The base style is Shii-cho, which is later modified by the shared talent tree, Focus. 

Force Powers

Q: What Force Powers does the Jedi Knight have access to?

A: We have seen confirmation of several different force powers, including a lightsaber throw, a Force Push (possibly only for the Jedi Guardian, but that is not concretely confirmed), group buffs, Force Stasis, and Force Leap. Check out the archives at Darth Hater if you’re interested. They do decent dissections of videos and other information. 

Q: Can the Jedi use Force Lightning?

A: No. 

Q: Can the Jedi Knight use Force Choke

A: To the best of our knowledge, No. 

Q: Can the Jedi Knight deflect lightning with their lightsaber?

A: We don’t know. 

Story Information

Q: How many companions do we get? 

A: 5, like every other class. 

Q: Who is our first companion? 

A: T7, the astromech droid shown in the “Return” trailer. 

Q: Any other confirmed companions?

A: A Jedi Padawan. 

Q: Romance options – do we have them?

A: The current rumor is that all romance options for Jedi are dark side options. This is just a rumor, and is in contention. Some believe there is a path to light side romance, but we don’t know. So, yes you do have them, but you might have to walk the line to experience them.

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