Jun 102012
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Restoration Druids in PvP play a very vital roll. They might not have the most healing ability, but they are much more flexible than other healing classes. This is mainly due to their ability to shape shift, something that you should incorporate into your gameplay. Cat form is always effective when pretending to not be around someone, often times baiting them into attacking your target. Travel form can be used to run the flag in Warsong Gulch and combined with your HoT’s will make you quite a difficult target to take down.

Lifebloom is the druids best heal. It can be used if your target is missing a large amount of health. Rejuvination is another spell that is the bread and butter of a resto Druid. You should not hesitate to use this spell as it costs minimal mana to use and heals for a decent amount of health. Regrowth and Wild Growth are too other heals that should be use. Each of these depends on your situation and how much time you have or how many people are attacking the target you are trying to heal.

Tranquility is something you can use if your target is stunned and has no way of escaping. Once you have mastered your ability to heal people, you should learn how to use your CC spells.. Cyclone is an excellent CC spell and can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the need. It can server as complete protection for a teammates that is being attacked, and also as a way to prevent enemy healers from healing. The best part about this move is that it cannot be dispelled. Hibernate is also a very effective spell against Beast Master hunters. The last effective CC that you should be using is Entangling Roots. This can be used as a way to escape an attack on you, or stall an enemy and wait for back up. Although they should be used sparingly you can incorporate offensive attacks such as Moonfire and Wrath. Hurricane requires a lot of mana can be used as a good way to interrupt flag caps. If you find yourself shape shifted you can also use Skull Bash to interrupt casts and Dash to get away from messy situations. Innervate is the primary way that you will be getting your mana back. It is a good idea to cast this when away from battle or hidden so people do not notice and dispel it.

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