Apr 262010
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You must have Al’Tiaeu (sea) access for this to work

If anyone is wondering why you should cap your Divine Magic — ask the BLM that I have out magic bursted on. Yes its rare out MB a BLM with thundaga III but its funny to see their reaction when you do. They usually say something like “resisted” or “someone needs to dispell it” :D I have done over 1100 damage Banish III MB on Light SC on Undead mobs in KRTomb. Have seen 1300+ on weaker mobs. Apollo’s Staff, Clerics Mitts and Korin Obi with capped divine magic do some wonderfull things on Undead ^^

Divine magic also helps out in KRT monk merit pts. Banish lowers undead’s defense and VIT to blunt damage.

This is by far the easiest way I have found to skill up divine magic and enfeebling magic as a whm. You can do it solo and have no problems at all as long as you are careful and watch your surroundings.

Anyone that has been to Al’Tiaeu has most likely saw the lost puppy-dog like Hmpede’s. The look like a gold fish to be simple. These Hmpede’s will aggro you but will not harm you unless you harm them. By harm, I mean you must do damage to them before they will attack you.

** Warning to Summoners!! Your pets will auto-attack these fish when they aggro, if you have them out!! PUT YOUR PET AWAY **

Check this link out for a very good CoP Walkthrough and pictures of sea mobs.

http://promathia.runtimerepairs.com/Other/Monsters.html#Hpemde Erecia and friends did an awesome job on that site. My static used it for our CoP missions Chapter 3 thru completion and it worked great.

Back to the fish –

There are two types of Hmpede’s –Om’hpemde (which remain under water until you aggro them) and Ul’hpemde (which are always above water). Om’hpemed’s have the highest level range, so these are the best to use. They can be found all over Al’Tiaeu. Highest level Hmpede’s seem to roam the Limbus areas of Al’Tiaeu. Not actually inside Limbus, but just outside. Take the portals from the Crags of Dem/Holla/Mea to Al’Tiaeu — these are the limbus entrance areas. Be careful here because there are a lot more sharks (‘Phuabo ) and UFO’s (‘Yovra ) here that the main entrance to Al’Tiaeu.

Suggested equipment:

As much +MP as possible
Refresh Armor (Nobles or Vermillion)

Suggested Subjob:

/blm (conserve MP trait; Clear Mindx2; and so you can sleep, bind, warp if you need to run in a hurry)
/smn(max MPx2; Clear Mindx2 and mp refresh)
/rdm (fast cast and clear mind) … not worth going whm/rdm in my opinion.

I prefer whm/blm since conserve MP job trait saves a lot more MP since you will be spamming spells. I tested both /blm and /smn a few times. My MP goes a lot further with /blm than it does /smn.

If you would like, make 2 macro’s like this — you might have to adjust your wait timers depending on your gear. I use Blessed Feet, Legs and Hands to help with recast timer speed and sometimes also cast haste on myself. Either way, these work for me Surprised

Macro #1
/ma "Flash"
/wait 8
/ma "Paralyze"
/wait 8
/ma "Silence"
Macro #2
/wait 8
/ma "Slow"
/wait 8
/ma "Bind"
/wait 8
/party Ready for Macro # 1 - Flash

Now you are ready to find your camp!! I like to find a nice safe spot with my back to a wall on dry land. Close to a zone to the tower entrance for limbus (through crag-holla entrance) is good just incase you get aggro from something you can’t handle. Zone to drop aggro and try again.

Once you find your camp you are ready to begin.

  1. Find a Om’hmpede
  2. Two choices here: Get the Hmpede to aggro you and follow you back to camp or Target the Om’hmpede and cast Flash or some non-damaging enfeebling spell on it.
  3. Return to your camp
  4. Target Hmpede and hit Macro #1
  5. As soon as you see silence at about 50% casting hit Macro #2
  6. The /party message will tell you when you can again hit Macro #1 to repeat this.

The only problem with this automatic casting macro is the fish will sometimes go unclaimed (yellow name) and will eventually start moving away from you. I personally like to press each spell when I’m ready but that’s just me.

If you know your way around Al’Tieau well, you can make a moving camp. This is my preferred method:

Run up to a Om’Hmpede — Cast Flash, Paralyze, Slow, Bind, Silence, Blind and Sleep. Then move on to the next fish. I try not to reuse the same hmpede for a few minutes because if it is still enfeebled, you will not get skill up on it for casting that spell. Keep in mind that Flash has a long recast timer (around 40-45 seconds). Sometimes you have to slow down or just not cast flash on every Hmpede. Once you cap out Enfeebling Magic (which you should get done way before Divine), you just need to haste yourself and cast Flash on the hmpede when its ready.

Things you should know…

  • You won’t die if you do it right!
  • Close zone nearby if something happens
  • Will almost cap your skills at lvl 75. I got my divine magic to 261 this way. Started to slow down about 257+ but still got skill ups.
  • It’s Long walk to camp but worth it in my opinion.
  • Sharks and UFO’s can suck Confused
  • I don’t think it will cap you to lvl 75 skill level … could be wrong but it might take a long time if it does.

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