Mar 172011
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This is a guide to help you both setup, as well as get the actual ROMBot program. It can be used to level, as well as to farm items, when properly setup. However you will need to learn a bit about bots and scripting. This guide will teach you what you need to know to get started with ROMBot.

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Download ROMBot and Scripts

First you must download the bot from here

Unzip micromacro to some folder (program files for example)

Add rombot scripts to your micromacro folder by extracting this rom folder into your_installation_foldermicromacroscriptsfolder

SCRIPTS UPDATED!! Get new ones here!

Getting Started with ROMBot

Open up the folder micromacroscriptromprofiles and create a copy of the default.xml and then rename the file your character’s name.


(this is where it gets fun)

ROMBot Setting Skills

Right click -> edit and find where it says , then open the folder micromacroscriptromdatabases and right click edit skills and find your classes skills then right click the skill you want


For example –

When you copy the skill you want to make sure you paste it into your and when that the line reads “

an error may occur if you mess up and place the wrong number for “VK_Number”

for example – hide in game is on slot 2 and hotkey=”VK_1″ />


Be sure to save any changes!

Making Waypoints for ROMBot

Open micromacro and type romcreatepath.lua (make sure you have rom running)

When ingame get to where you want to bot at, then proceed to set waypoints by moving to a spot and press numpad 1 then continuing this process forming somewhat of a loop and when you finish press numpad 3 tab back into micromacro and type a name for your new waypoints

In game type /macro and make a blank macro and assign it to slot 0

Now type rom/bot press delete and load the waypoint you just made.

If you didn’t manage to choose waypoints type “0″ to enable wandering when asked (bot chooses random waypoints from nearby area)

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NOTE:  CLICK TO MOVE, SELFCAST and AUTOLOOT (for looting) in game interface, should be enabled.

also check your_installation_foldermicromacroscriptsromprofile|1-10.xml for settings.

The same settings appear to be in default.xml (username.xml) too, I suggest you change settings in both of them…


The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

IMPORTANT – Run “romupdate” everytime the client has been updated before you start botting!

VERY IMPORTANTIf there appears a big update (like from RoM patch 2.1.6 to 2.1.7) or you get the error message “Error reading memory in CPawn:update()”, try replacing…micromacroscriptsromaddresses.lua containings with the new code that can be found from here

Also if you need further instructions the wiki can be found here.

If you need lootfilter, download Lootomatic addon here

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