Feb 072013
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As a tanking class, Monks are THE top dps providing raid utility. This guide will teach you how to keep your raid alive, minimize damage taken and maximize dps.

Brewmaster Monk Build


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  • 1st tier: Doesn’t really matter. It’s personal choice. I prefer Momentum
  • 2nd tier: Chi wave is your BEST bet. I’ll explain my choice later on.
  • 3rd tier: Ascension is the way to go. The 15% energy regeneration is just too good.
  • 4th tier: Leg sweep, best stun in game.
  • 5th tier: Dampen Harm or Diffuse magic. Fight dependent (Usually i stick with Dampen Harm for raids and Diffuse magic for Challenge modes)
  • 6th tier: Tiger or rushing jade wind. For raids i always stick with the tiger (It’ll be explained) And rushing jade wind is my favorite for Challenge modes.


Raids :

  • Hit to 7.5%
  • Expertise to 15%
  • Haste
  • Crit

Hit cap and Expertise hard cap are your best friends in raids. I have tested 7.5% hit and expertise and i had too many parries. You loose alot of dps AND hps if you dont get that 100% chi generation.
Haste is really good for energy regen. I found out that at 6.5-7k haste your energy regen is optimal. You will always have chi available and will not be energy starved at any point.
Crit is awesome for Gift of the ox generation and you get more elusive brew stacks per minute. (Those abilities will be explained later on)
Mastery is not viable untill 5.2.
Ignore dodge / parry.

Challenge modes:

  • Hit to 7.5%
  • Expertise to 7.5%-10%
  • Haste = Crit.

In challenge modes you don’t have to have expertise cap. Your main goal in challenge modes: High dps on trash (I’ll explain it later on).
Why haste=crit? It’s due to your gift of the ox generation on trash. When you use spinning craning kick on 6+ mobs you will have ALOT of orbs spawning. You will just have to take a step by the side and you can go from 10% health to 100%.


Single target:

  • Keg smash on cooldown is your goal. You HAVE to use it on cooldown. The damage is just too good. Save energy if you see 1-2 seconds cooldown remaining on keg smash.
  • Keep your shuffle up. Use blackout kick or rushing jade wind.
  • Expel harm If you are low or just to help your healers.
  • Jab is your main chi generator along with keg smash. Use it as much as you can.
  • Chi wave if you need to spend Chi. (If you are low or there is alot of raid damage going out) I’ve seen 300k heal crits with vengeance. So it’s a pretty good spell to maintain urself and your raid alive.
  • Spam Tiger Palm if you don’t have energy or chi. You should always keep that buff up.

AOE or Multiple Targets

  • Keg smash on cooldown
  • Keep shuffle up
  • Keep your fire breath debuff.
  • Keep tiger palm’s buff up
  • Spin to win (Spinning crane kick)

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Cooldown management

Being a monk is fun, we have alot of ways to avoid our death.

  • Fortifying Brew: This ability should always be glyphed. It’s basicly our strongest and MAIN cooldown to reduce Damage taken.
  • Elusive brew: You got a chance to get a stack of this buff when you crit with a melee atack. It’s a really usefull cooldown. Try to save stacks untill you get an *OH SHIT* moment.
  • Guard: Costs 2 chi. Averages to about 200k absorb shield (Scales up with vengeance). 30 second only cooldown. Try to save it for the moments when you are about to get hit really hard.
  • Avert harm. Redirects 20% of the raid damage to you. A useful raid ability.
  • Gift of the ox: It’s not a cooldown. BUT If you can stand still on a boss fight, you will generate those over time (Same mechanic as elusive brew) and you can always take a step to the side whenever you feel in danger.
  • Chi wave: Strong healing ability. Only 8 seconds cooldown. But you should use it as often as possible.
  • Dampen Harm: Reduce the the next 3 hits by 50% (If they hit you for more than 10% of your life) It’s another useful cooldown to keep in mind for hard hitting bosses.


In this section i’ll give you some tricks on how to do insane burst and damage as BM.

You will have to pull the boss. Your goal is to get hit as hard as possible in the first 10 seconds of the figtht. So what you should do: Generate 5 chi, Dont use blackout kick yet. If you have 40k+ vengeance, your trinket procs, agility potion up, it’s the right time to use your tiger. He will be there for about 45 seconds and your burst can go up to 200k (Mine was 215k with perfect rng).

After you summoned your vengeance buffed tiger (Tiger is affected by vengeance) just follow normal single target rotation. Make sure to use ur pet on cooldown and always use it when ever you have high vengeance to maximise your damage.

Make sure to get hit by any stupid mechanic in the game to keep your vengeance as high as possible (If the content is on farm). To do that, you will have to make sure that your chi wave, expel harm and guard are ready to use to prevent your death.

I enjoyed being top dps for most of the fights as a tank.

Challenge modes

You will need a really good disc priest to use my strategy.

Basicly for challenge modes you need to pull as much as possible rotating your cooldowns (Pain sup, Barrier, your cds). Then do the aoe rotation mentioned before.

GEAR/ 2H vs 1H

I know for a fact it’s still a question for people which weapons to pick. I prefer Dual wield 1H weapons for Raid bosses (more single target damage), and 2h weapons for Challenge modes. You get WAY more gift of the ox generation in AoE situation with a 2H weapon.

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